Data variance

Hi, a new KickR core and Sufferfest app user. The data on the screen seems continually out on my cadence (I have a Gramin which is showing 90prm while the App show 120 and swings around widely) and the power doesn’t seem to be registering. At the end of the ride my Garmin is showing nearly a 30% greater distance travelled!! All a little crazy. Can you help?

OK. Here may be the cause of the distance variation. Look at the tire size you have set on the Garmin versus what is set for Suffer Speed. Also are you using Speed Sensor on the Garmin when out on the road? Make sure the right sensor is selected for indoor on the Garmin and that the same tire size is selected.
Onto the Candence thing. the KICKR, like most trainers, uses a pulse sensor to determine when you are pushing down. Two pulses = one revolution. If you are either stealthy or a power rider, this strategy is not going to work. So, what do you as a rider do? Elements of Style and one leg drills to smooth out your stroke. You probably are sending four or more pulses per stroke and that isn’t good for your efficiency.

There are a lot of things to unwrap here, but the result is the same: only use one “meter” and turn everything else off, especially if you’re using Bluetooth.

I see this happen a lot with data nrrds (like me). In trying to verify accuracy, what you’re really doing is making the system split reporting. For the most part, ANT+ just transmits, but Bluetooth and ANT FE-C are bi-directional and connection-oriented. Heck, it happens to me all the time with my earbuds. You can set everything up so they read the inputs properly, but the result will be that you’re within 2% accuracy, which, yeah, is the difference between podium and mid-pack, but just fine for training.

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Thanks Johnnie. Seems a like poor that the KickR can’t keep a feed to two devices but I hear you. That said, the variance in the cadence levels are just way out. I have taken a step back and I am going to restart / reset the trainer and the applications. Hopefully that will fix this issues.

Thanks for the reply. This may well be the issue - I found when I worked to “smooth out” my power the “cadence thing” seems to improve - maybe just a user issue and getting used to the way the trainer works.

Your KICKR supports multiple Bluetooth connections. Most “base units” (computers, trainers, smartphones) do. It’s the sensor at the other end. Most do not. When they don’t, you either get locked-out of that connection (preferable) or it accepts multiple connections and flips between connected to device A, broadcast to connect, connected to device B (very much not preferred). This is where you get drops or crazy reporting.

FWIW, pretty much the only things that support Bluetooth multipoint are headphones.