Problems pairing Garmin HR to Kickr Core

Bluetooth nor ANT will recognize HR monitor when I try and add it for my workout. I select the ride then go to settings and select “add device” but it searches and never connects. I just purchased the ANT as an attempt to solve as bluetooth was ineffective. Is there something I need to do other than insert into Mac? Any suggestions ? Also is the Kickr doing its own cadence calculations or are the cadence numbers coming from my Garmin wheel sensor?
Currently just wearing my Garmin 735xt watch during workout for the hr data.

My older garmin strap wouldn’t connect to the Kickr, and I seem to recall reading about pairing problems for garmin straps. I just bought a wahoo strap, works fine (and also pairs to my Garmin Edge 520.)

I don’t have any cadence sensors on my bike, and the Kickr gives me a reliable cadence. I don’t know if it would preferentially grab the signal from your cadence sensor, but I doubt it.

Thank you for the response ! I was able to connect the Garmin HR strap effectively thru ANT+ . Not sure why it did not do so first attempts. Must have not been holding my mouth right ! :laughing Should I encounter the issue again after multiple trys I will buy the Wahoo strap thanks.

I’ve used ANT+ for trainer apps going way back before BTLE was around for sensors. I find it helpful to put the ANT+ dongle on a usb extension to get it away from the PC’s RFI. I’m using a 3’ (1m) extension and have the dongle dangling below my trainer desk. It reliably picks up my HR and cadence sensors as well as the trainer (and PM when using that), though I’ve switched to BT for the trainer with SYSTM as it exhibits some latency with ANT+. Other apps (ZWIFT, Trainerroad, Rouvy…) don’t have that ANT+ delay.