Dear Wahoo RGT 2023

Dear Wahoo RGT,

I was curious if you have continued development or are just maintaining the current state of the game we all know and enjoy. It has been since Oct. 25th, 2022 that any features have been added.

Would it be overstepping to ask for an update and possibly a roadmap of what we can look forward to moving forward.

Once again thank you very much and we appreciate all the hard work.




Dear Brian,

Given they’ve laid off most of their dev team so they can stay viable and continue to offer users value, I think it’s not unreasonable for us as users to be patient with a very stretched team while they get through their restructure and get things moving again.

If you want an idea of a roadmap, why not volunteer to be a Beta tester and help ease the workload?

Dame Lisa

P.s. apologies for my curt tone. I’ve been dealing with a natural disaster that has affected my city for work and haven’t had much sleep and lack patience and tact at the moment.


It was a fair question. Wahoo aren’t a charity.

According to one of the RGT Facebook mods no RGT developers have been laid off.

Anyway, response from one of the RGT devs…



@briankellison Looks like steering is being launched soon so they are definitely working on stuff.

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