Deux Talk About Fight Club

I’ve done a poor job of raising money, but maybe I can rectify that.

If I can get $100 in donations in the next 10 hours I will ride both the current and vintage versions of Fight Club tomorrow morning. Back-to-back.


Although, more than likely I’ll do them both, anyway, but you don’t know that. You can read this. If you can you will forget you read this in 3… 2… 1…


…2…1… I remember nothing.

Me likey! Donated! :grin:

I hope you know you are in for an awesome AND absolute miserable time.

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Just finished doing mine, albeit not back-to-back as originally planned,

That said: Donation made, so tag; you’re it.

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That’s exactly what I’m excited for and dreading. :laughing:

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Excellent! I hope you still enjoyed the suffering, nonetheless.

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Well, that was quick. Thank you!

And that anonymous $90 donation was the cherry on top!

Keep it coming!

Now I need to figure out what kind of tricks I’m going to have to pull out to finagle that last $115…

Looks like I better get my legs ready for tomorrow morning.

Round 1… and… Go!


Vintage Fight Club should slowly come to an end! Good luck, iron Evan.

Crush it!

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Round 2… Vintage… Go!

Eyes already glazing over… Aw yeah.

Ah, ok, you are going back in time. Got it.

Today will probably be a good day for the tour faces thread. :wink:

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Yes it is. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Had some weird trainer issues. On the first attack in almost every (but not all) set, the first AC attack either started late, held on to my pedals for an extra 5 seconds, or both. In both videos. But not always the same. And then in the last set of the last vid, there’s a short MAP attack and then a longer attack… the first attack delayed and the held on, but the second and longer came right on time, so it was almost one big loonnngg attack. Omg!! :cold_sweat::rofl:

But I felt WAY better than I did yesterday, despite working at a higher intensity for longer. I think that shows more of how hard NH is than how fit I am not. Lol. :joy:

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And I shed so much holy water, I had to use a different sweatband for each video.

And soaked my gloves after just 3 intervals in the first video. I tried to air out my gloves in the before the 4th interval, but it didn’t help and I just suffered thru. After the 4th interval I just forgot about it until I finished.