Did you like CyclingTips? Please check out Escape Collective

So, if you are into following cycling-related topics, from racing, to new bikes and gear, new technology, to deep dives into UCI shenanigans and even Strava dopers, you may have had occasion to read CyclingTips from time to time or listen to one of their many podcasts. What started as a little blog by an Aussie/North American engineer grew and grew to be quite a nice publication and community with a global team and unique insight. They were also among the first to really commit to cover, promote and support coverage of women’s cycling and had a number of female journalists and contributors (including José Been from Wahoo X SYSTM ProRides).

If you aren’t aware, CyclingTips went through a recent implosion of sorts after being acquired by Outside. It was slow at first with the somewhat quiet exit of their founder Wade Wallace, and then late last year they made some significant cuts to their team, including their Editor-in-Chief, Caley Fretz and other key staff. Shortly thereafter, other team members left one by one until there was barely anything remaining to save. Outside turned off their paid member forums and the ability to leave comments…

Well, this week, many of the former CyclingTips team (and even more including Jered and Ashley Gruber, Cosmo Catalano, Rob English, Rupert Guinness, Kristof Ramon) are trying to rebuild that lost community as something new, bigger and better, known as Escape Collective.


It will be a reader and user-funded “collective” and while they’ve only just announced their existence on March 1, they are already 60% of the way to meeting their funding goal. I invite you to check it out and consider joining the Escape Collective community if you are interested. I do not work there, I have no financial connection to this project, I just hope they will succeed and I am quite excited.

Subs are $99 per year with a lifetime option also available. Either way, you can be a “founding member” of this community and help this project get off the ground.

I would like to point out that if you are affiliated with a bike shop, it is only $10/year. If you work in a cycling-related/adjacent industry, they have an application for a reduced cost membership. They also are working on reduced cost memberships for some markets/geographical locations. Gift subscriptions are also soon to be an option.

There will be a website (it will be pay-walled but with a limited number of free articles per month), there is already a members-only Discord server (which just added a place to discuss or promote RGT rides), and there will be many podcasts. Check out their website to learn more.

P.S. - of possible note, Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS is already a “founding member”



Sounds familiar…



LOVE the idea (and the people behind it) but just can’t justify another sub. I wish them luck tho!


Same, but I’m all about sticking it to the man.


Update, 75%!

Interesting, related article: Cycling journalists form Escape Collective after Outside Inc layoffs

Also, important to me and maybe you too, while not at launch, a possible future goal of Escape Collective is to cover bicycle advocacy, cycling infrastructure, etc. They would need the subscriber base to bring on or contract people that can cover that beat…


Yep. I jumped in.


Alright, a thread where I can make my fandom bidirectional! I stan for SYSTM/RGT in old Veloclub Slack and now the new Escape Collective Discord :slight_smile:

In fact, I’m taking my first stab at running an RGT event to see if I can get some curious Escape Collective members over to this side of the cycling family: https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=V8AHZ2


Getting closer:


We are nearly there! We are now 90% of the way to our member target! Follow our progress here — if we do not meet our goal, your money will be refunded in full.

Also, a new racing Podcast by EC should drop this morning, hosted by Dane Cash and Cosmo Catalano (the latter of the long running yet sporadic HTRWW - How the Race was Won - series). At the moment, search “Placeholders” in your podcast app to find the various podcasts (a rename should be coming at some point). Currently, there is a general one currently called “The Placeholders”, a tech one called “Geek Warning”, this new racing one called “Pretty Serious Bike Racing” (???), and very soon a women’s cycling podcast hosted by Abi Mickey Skujiņš and other ladies called “Wheel Talk”.

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FYI, goal reached. In one week. Pretty amazing. Site should be up soon, I gather first website article will cover women’s cycling, by José Been. The plan is to cover Milan San Remo as well, which is just around the corner, Saturday March 18th.


FYI, the new website went live in the last 10 minutes, about 8-10 articles up (and a surprise one by Joe Lindsey, yeah!). Sure to be some growing pains, and I don’t know the particulars on the limited access before paywall kicks in yet:

EDIT - Be patient, getting hammered I think at the moment from new members.


This is one known limit, only members can comment on articles.