Inspiration updates

Hey Everyone,

As part of the SYSTM library cycle, we are saying goodbye to a few inspiration videos on Friday July 7 2023.
If you haven’t done them yet or they were on your ToDo list, NOW is the time to complete:

We will be adding some new titles to this category in a few months time.


Short notice, I still have 4 of them on the to do list


I highly recommend fitting in Afghan cycles if you can.


VERY short notice. No way I can revisit all of them in the next few days.


Will any of these be converted to NoVid workouts, as I think happened when the GCN workouts were removed?

Moon Rider and Making an Hour Record in particular were good endurance rides with some repeated ramps, providing significantly more variation than most other endurance rides to keep them engaging, so would be a shame to lose the underlying workouts.

Also, is it expected that removed workouts in the future will only be those with third-party licensing agreements, such as GCN and Inspiration? I really like a number of the On Location and A Week With workouts, which I think were produced by Wahoo itself, so can we expect those to stick around?


Moon rider today. Good one and indeed the changes of pace during and between the ramps were more interesting than a lot of other inspiration videos. No heart rate monitor for me, but pretty sure I wasn’t entirely in zone 2 during the final. :wink:


I found “Changement de Roux” pretty affecting, a great counterpoint to the likes of “TdF Unchained” showing what happens to the people who are chewed up and spat out by the professional peloton, in other words the exact opposite of Inspiration :sweat_smile:


Does this mean I have until Friday to complete these workouts? Or if I wait until Friday it will be too late?

I think I have making an hour record on my plan. What will happen ? Will it stay on as a placeholder to remind me to find something similar or do I need to swap something in before 7th? Thank you

Apologies I was not able to provide more notice, the content will be removed at midday EST tomorrow, here is a list of recommended alternatives if it is still on your plan. The original tile will stay in the plan but the workout will no longer be available in the library.

Inspiration Recommended Alternative
Alla Vita Wahoo Frontiers 2020
Moon Rider ultimate triathlon
Tommeke I’m just a big Fan Into the Rift
The Length of Time Reveal the Path
Making an hour record Why do we Bike
Changement de Roux From The Ground Up 1
I just want to ride From The Ground Up 2
Solidream Ride the Divide
Afghan Cycles Heart Flatline to Finish

For replacements with Novids, we can defintely add some to the Novid Library, I will update these next week.