Recovery/base videos

I got to do a few of the recovery videos. Some were fine and others just ok I guess different strokes for different folks. I guess if you don’t like a videos watch something else and follow the training ride. I wonder if Wahoo could add race documentaries or shorten race summaries. It was fine to watch A Sunday in Hell, but I found the documentary a bit dated and the narrator’s house could have been on fire and I don’t think his tone wouldn’t have changed one bit. It was a different time. It was cool to see the old legends of cycling, but I would recommend something else to ride through. Not the end of the world, just my 1.5 cents.

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I actually enjoyed A Sunday in Hell but would have REALLY enjoyed it if there were subtitles for all the non-English bits instead of just saying “speaking foreign language”. Like you said though, I think for a lot of these, they’ll be one and done and we can do the ride profile while watching something else.


I love A Sunday in Hell. Watched a few times. Same with Stars and Water Carriers. But I can definitely see how they wouldn’t appeal to everyone. I do a lot of the base no-vids and repeat inspiration videos while watching bike races on GCN+ or while running Zw### on another device so I at least get scenery and listening to music on headphones.


Subtitles would be nice, I agree.

I could understand most (I speak Flemish, French, English and some German) but if I were to ride in the morning, I keep the volume down (to let the sleeping sleep :smiley: ) I really need the subtitles.