Wahoo Elemnt Bolt/Roam SUF EDITION

For a few weeks I was trying to come up with a concept for a possible SUF companion app or something similar. Most of the ideas I thought of didn’t provide any useful and userfriendly benefit at first.

Then it hit me: What I really want is a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt/Roam SUF EDITION.

I want to mount the head unit on my indoor bike, connect it to The Sufferfest workouts and use it to display most/or even all the information from my monitor.
I realize I can already let the device read my power/cadence in passive mode and display it during the workout, but I am dreaming of a more integrated approach.

An absolute killer feature — in my book — would be to be able to display all the info from then workout video. Speed, heart rate, power, cadence, rpe plus all targets (-zones) and even the time together with the workout graph (FTP, MAP, etc.).
Additionally, if I go over or below targets, the data field should turn red, similar as the on-screen numbers right now.

With a few tweaks the display on these devices should be powerful enough to show the workout graph - and if not, there is always the next iteration of head units coming.

There are plenty of benefits to this idea and I am sure I can come up with even more creative ways to use the devices functionality:

  1. Cleaner Interface: TV with an undisturbed view of the cycling footage.
  2. Info where I need it: Allows for a more comfortable neck position when concentrating on the numbers/easier view. Looking at my stem and simultaneously monitoring my “numbers”.
  3. Easier Adjustment: Use the head unit buttons to change level modes and/or intensity.
  4. No missed Text: Maybe use the lights on the device when I need to look up/important on screen text is coming up. Heck, maybe even displaying the text on the device?
  5. All in one place: Indoor and outdoor workouts in one device and right at your fingertips.

Especially now that Wahoo and SUF are married, this kind of functionality makes sense and delivers a more wholesome experience. At the same time it will probably sell a few more devices - I know I would immediately buy one.

What do you guys think about this idea?

It’s more a feature request for the Wahoo Elemnt team than for SUF, I guess.

Come on team :slight_smile: Please give me a reason to buy a new toy. It would look nice mounted on my Kickr Bike. Otherwise I can’t justify to get one - seeing as my only outdoor riding consists of 15 minute commutes.

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Not holding my breath…


It would be so cool!! I can see the workouts having some kind of export integration for the outdoor stuff. The rest is possibly a bit more wishful thinking at the moment. But we can but hope :slight_smile:


So, so cool. :slight_smile:

I understand that, of course. But as I mentioned in my initial post, this feature actually ranks pretty high on my personal list now. We could all benefit from a bit of dreaming. :wink:

Besides, Wahoo is building an ecosystem, right? This kind of integration screams ecosystem.

Everybody is different. My time on the bike is mostly enjoyed indoors, and a few nice amenities go a long way to make my suffering a more pleasant experience.


It’d be the perfect excuse to sell my Bolt en buy a ROAM! :wink:


I’ve just done pretty much what you want during my ride today… except I used my phone as the “head unit” instead of a Wahoo thingy (just as I do when I ride outside). NoVid mode on the phone, video on the PC. Only thing I couldn’t do is turn off all the target/graph stuff on the main display and just see video (something that’s a long standing request). Oh and I had to press play on both at the same time. Have to say that having done it I’m unlikely to do it again, the regular mode with one screen works just fine for me. And there are soooo many other things I’d like to see first (both in my dreams and in reality). But that’s just me.

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That’s an interesting solution, James. Thank you. I will give this little hack a try and see how I like it.

I’m afraid it will only make me want this feature even more, though. :slight_smile:

That’s a valid argument to many many requests, sure. But my list is surprisingly short these days.

Get rid of trainingpeaks for custom plans, export to apple health and this. All done. :slight_smile: Afterwards we won’t hear a feature request from me for ages.

I know my wishes are a minority and there are bigger fish to fry in the grand scheme of things…

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I’ve created many a hack over the years. My favourite makes Fluffy appear on my screen when I go too slowly. Now that should be a feature :t_rex: :grin:


I just meant that I don’t see this happen - there already are devices that can / could do this and I would think that Wahoo will concentrate on bike computers for outdoor use.

If they do come up with a Karoo 2 equivalent, I might actually buy that too :slight_smile:

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No laser goats? :smiley:


Fluffy ate the laser goats