Does changing your 4DP numbers change the numbers in the videos?

Hey all,
I haven’t tried this in awhile (manually changing numbers) but if I manually change some or all my 4DP numbers will the target numbers used in the videos adjust (just like after doing the 4DP test in the app)? I ask because I use a “wheel on” fluid trainer and you just cannot get a proper and true “sprint” effort max watts ( I do that on the road or the velodrome).



Like @JohnK said: Yes.

If you cannot do the Full Frontal due to the limitations of your trainer and you get other values elsewhere, that seems perfectly fine.

However, if you cannot hit those targets in a Full Frontal, you will also not hit those targets in the individual training sessions. For training purposes, you may as well keep the 4DP numbers you got from FF so that you can reach the targets when doing the workouts on that trainer.

In that case it may not be the true representation of your powers, but it will offer you a more balanced training going forward (whilst stationary :wink: )


I tend to do transcribe a lot of the videos to do them on the road or velodrome since I live in San Diego and can ride outside pretty much 365 days a year.

Yes. I have similar problems using my wheel on, mag resistance trainer because the power curve for virtual power only goes up to 316w, but I still have half the cassette left to shift up gears. The first time I did full frontal my AC was higher than my NM and when I did Half is Easy, it was all easy because the intervals were barely above my MAP. I posted on the forum and was advised to bump up the figures by one of the coaches.

Half was too easy - Training - SYSTM Forum (

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