Half was too easy

my 1st time doing Half is Easy last night and I’m not sure I got the best out of it, so looking for any tips.

I’m using a wheel on trainer with virtual power so I have to change up a gear or pedal faster to increase power. The app gave me a target power of 247w for the 15second bursts so I found a gear that allowed me to hit that at the target cadence of 100, but this felt way too easy so I upped my cadence until virtual power was reading around 260w. After the 1st block of intervals I still felt fresh and my HR had stayed in Z4 the whole time so for the second block so decided to change up a gear, this pushed my virtual power up to around 275w. After the 7th interval in the 2 set my HR finally got up into Z5 although by the end I was still able to hold the power for the longer 30s last interval.

Comparing my relative effort scores on Strava, Downward Spiral at the weekend scored 84 compared to just 44 for Half Is Easy last night. Predicted TSS on app for the workouts is 84 and 47 respectively so perhaps I got the intensity about right? Or should it have felt harder and perhaps the power targets are wrong for me?

Have you done a recent FF test? Does sound like your power targets are set too low. Let’s put it this way, I have never felt the need to raise any of my power targets in any challenging SUF workout I’ve done to date!

My Last FF was on 2nd November, I followed that with a 4 week MAP building block to r weird on my biggest weakness. I retested with HM on 3rd December which said my MAP was up from 239w to 245w, but my FTP had dropped from 209w to 196w. I think that was down to my cadence being to high on the constrained effort because I did Who Dares yesterday and had to adjust my FTP back up to 110% to actually get my HR into Z4.

@Coach.Spencer.R PM’d me and suggested increasing my AC up from 289w to 310w. That really did the trick when I did the Trick on Saturday

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I’m not surprise Half is Easy felt too easy - the target, which is based on your AC from your FF is the same as your MAP from the recent HM. After doing Half is Easy last night, I can safety say it shouldn’t feel easy, and I nearly hit a peak HR on that final interval!