Reset 4DP

Can anyone tell me how to reset my 4DP on SYSTM to be as if I never took a Full Frontal?

Hi @jpatrick88 are you looking to go back to previous numbers or like your just starting for the first time ?

Like starting for the first time. I have been away from riding for about a year. I plan on starting the HalfMonty+Full Frontal plan tomorrow and assume my numbers are probably a little high. Figured it was best to just start over.

I presume you could always manually edit your numbers to where you want them to be.


On the SYSTM app if you go to ‘profile’, then ‘athlete profile’, you can edit your 4DP numbers manually. Say by dropping them 5-10% or so depending on how you feel your fitness has been affected. Alternatively you could do another 4DP test to get current numbers and kickstart the suffering

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On the HM/FF plan, you’re only doing A Dogs Life and Cadence Builds before HM which will make your numbers more accurate. I’d suggest knocking 5-10% off, and keeping track of RPE and HR during A Dogs Life and Cadence Builds, adjusting intensity as necessary. For both of those workouts you’ll do no harm by being under target.

Another possibility, just adjust the intensity for an individual workout and see how that goes.

Similar to this, is it possible to remove a given FF result so that you go back to a previous one?
I did FF on the weekend, but have been crook lately and felt terrible in the 5min and 20min. I didn’t last the 20min so my FTP dropped from 250 to 190. I could have just deleted the workout completely, but wanted it saved to strava and intervals so I didn’t. As a result it changed all my numbers and my rider type.
I have deleted the workout from Systm, and manually changed my numbers back to (roughly) where they were, but my rider type is still wrong.
In the old Sufferfest you could see all previous fitness tests and revert back to previous ones.
My normal rider type is climber with a weakness on repeated efforts and VO2, and now it basically says VO2 is my strength due to my collapse in the 20min section. Does this mean any plan I choose now will have the wrong rides included?
I could do FF again, but feel I need a month or two of riding to be ready. I don’t want to be doing the wrong rides for those couple of months.


You can manually edit the numbers

Hi @ChrisMTB what you could do in the meantime is go for one of the 4 Week Building Block Plans where you can choose what exactly you want to train on ie Tempo, Threshold, MAP, NM/AC at least that would give you a month of training under your belt, I think this might be better than going for a 10/12 week plan. Then after those 4 weeks you might be ready for another 4DP Test

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You changed your numbers and you are good to go with any plan.
According to this post:

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