Don’t create your own training plan - it’s really hard

Off the back of doing a few of the built-in plans, finding them a bit repetitive and wanting to make space for one run, one gym session and one club ride per week, I decided to create my own 12 week plan

Choosing the sessions was not too difficult. I themed each day (recovery, sustained, endurance, climbing, etc), added strength sessions Tue & Thu (gym on Sat) and Yoga on the other weekdays. I then ensured that there was a slight progression in overall weekly TSS whilst following a 2:1 pattern

What was really difficult was adding all the sessions to the SYSTM calendar. I realise that what I did was an edge case in how the app is used so I shouldn’t have expected it to be easy. However, I have to say it was a real pita

Having put so much effort into it, though, I am quite invested in it. I just hope I see some benefit


Lol!! I’m expecting this will improve in time. Looking forward to Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste or Repeat workout and/or week etc etc.

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What would’ve been nice was a plus button on each day that would take you to the library so you could choose the workout to add. Instead I found myself repeating the date over and over in my head until I got to the “add to schedule” button

What is really nice, though, is the sheer variety of workouts to choose from. Despite picking only three types of session, there is easily enough to fill twelve weeks without any repetition


+1 on the +button. Loads of improvements to be made but yep, so much material now and more to come. It’s a good time to be a Sufferlandrian :slight_smile: (Not like I could go anywhere anyway but still…)


I have only used my own plan since I came back to Sufferfest/Systm last Aug. I really don’t find it challenging. I try to keep my plan tentatively scheduled for 6 weeks out at all times. I only add them to the calendar a day or two in advance, but it is intentional. So far, it is working well. I am hitting my goals and feel good about where I am headed.

I was working up to a century the first week of March but that trip got scuttled by work obligations. So I pivoted to focus on the ToS, my first. I have a local charity 10K at the end of March so post ToS I will spend more time on my run. I am doing several split bricks now.

After that, I will spend more time on the endurance efforts with the hope of attempting a Knighthood in the late spring or early summer.

It is that diversity that I didn’t see any plans that seemed to fit. So I am using my own. I guess the most important thing is you are reaching your goals. Good luck.


Good idea. That’s probably what I did wrong but I wanted to commit to the plan kind of formally

Good luck with your plans


@genolan I keep everything in a spreadsheet. It have every ride on it with the TSS & IF, time and type of ride. I also keep track of when I complete one. It helps me keep the balance right and moving forward. Then I add to the calendar a day or two in advance. Sometimes I still need to make changes. In the end, it seems to be working well for me.

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Good to know for next time!