Question regarding my Systm plan and importing that to TP calendar

Hey all, just created a 3 week plan to focus on MAP training via the Systm pre-set plans. All good … I wanted to start tomorrow, a Tuesday, it let me select that date, but the software still filled in the plan to start today on a Mon. Not a huge issue, I just doubled up one day.

Anyway, here is my question … and I did see a previous post on this, old though.

Is there a way to export my new training plan from Systm into TP. Like others, I use TP for all my logging, metrics, notes, etc. I understand that Systm will give me insight on my cycling sessions, but I still would like to have my Plans on TP as well. Thanks for any insight.

Not sure if that’s possible, at least from a PMC perspective because of 4DP tailored workouts. But you could simply add the listed TSS for each workout for the next 7 days. That should help you see your projected progress.

But I’ll also add that training to raise CTL isn’t ideal, because the model is flawed. Daily TSS doesn’t accurately correlate the actual training load of HIIT workouts. Further our fitness actually increases during recovery weeks following a hard block of training, whereas the model shows only CTL decay during recovery.

That said take the PMC as a rough guide, but listen to your body and recover when you need it even if your CTL is dropping.

@AdamITR Try this link - it is for the old Sufferfest Plans. The 4 week MAP plan is listed but it might have changed on the new platform.

Training Peaks Plans - The Sufferfest

Ty both for the replies, yes, I did check out that link, it is the 4 week Map plan, although like you said, it might of changed. Not sure. I will have some more time late this afternoon to look through it. Thanks again!

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In TP I have created workouts for each of the SUF sessions that come up on my plans.

For the indoor ones it is simply time/if (and thus tss), and for the outdoor ones it’s the full workout from the description (that’s then pushed to my Elemnt head unit). The beauty of this is that, as they’re all stored in my workout library, when I schedule a new plan it’s very easy to copy in to TP.

As you say, the TSS isn’t a perfect metric, andTP’s concept of ‘fitness’ is really just ‘volume’, but it’s nice to havesome kind of progreess prediction and tracking. I find it very motivating. Exactly as you say, though, the downside is that rest weeks look horrendous. Each time I have to mentally reset my self and look at the progression beyond the rest week.

One perticularly interesting thing is that if you do upload a full SUF plan in to TP like this you can see just how well constructed they are. You can literally see the build up in volume and intensity, see the rest weeks appearing. These pkans aren’t just thrown together.

The wahoo/SUF scientists have hinted that they are working on their own progression metrics like TSS that more accurately reflect HIIT efforts and the 4DP set up. I can’t wairt for that.