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Hello all,

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 with 32 GBytes storage and have been trying to download a week of videos at a time but it is veeeerrrry flakey. Sometimes a download may work, other times it doesn’t. In the absence of a decent progress indicator, for the last download I attempted I used “My files” to see the impact on storage and whether anything was actually being downloaded. What seemed to happen is that something got downloaded, then it was deleted and the process started again - this went on for hours. As I only have 5 GBytes free on internal storage I tried inserting a 128 GBytes microSD card. However, I cannot see any way of moving the downloads to that SD card. Has anyone found a way to do this?




I couldn’t find any obvious way to do this, but didn’t dig too deeply as I haven’t had issues with the streaming of workouts on my phone.

It would be great to have the option to store the workouts on an SD card in the tablet/phone.

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@MattG Never done that but I remember this older thread - it might give you some ideas although it looks like the topic was geared towards Windows.

I could look since I have some amount of Linux experience. However, the ability to redirect to an SD card may be limited due to the user security model of Android and how it is usually implemented on networkable devices such as a 4G capable tablet or any phone.

Well I am now wondering if it is something to do with the workout “French Pyrenees: Cirque de Gavarnie” as even after deleting all my other downloads to make more space it would still not download properly - and yet subsequent workouts did! As it happens it streamed without a hitch this morning - and a jolly good workout it was too.

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I downloaded it, successfully. I will see if the file works on my Mac or if it appears corrupt.