Downloaded workouts on a windows Laptop

Many people have complained about the amount of space downloaded workouts are using up on their Tablets/PC’s etc. Well, I have downloaded loads on my Windows laptop but for the life of me I can’t find where they are. They are not in “c:/downloads” there is no folder or file anywhere I can find and the app is in administrator/users/appdata/Systm and that is the application which is only 256kb’s. Not bothered as it is not affecting anything but it would be nice to know where all these downloaded workouts are going for future reference?? thanks

They’re in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\SYSTM\videos

hi don’t have app data in there I have c:\users\administrator\ then no appdata or roaming or anything that resembles that ?? well confused

You will also note that the filenames do not give you any useful information as to which workout they are for. I wish this wasn’t the case.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to find as I got this laptop purely for my training so there is not much else on there to cloud the issue. I searched “appdata” in administrator (me) and there were strings and strings of local files but nothing roaming or anything to do with Systm? Why does everything have to me so complicated?

Assuming Windows 10 (11 and 7 should be alike): AppData folder is hidden by default. Tick “hidden elements” checkbox on View tab in Windows Explorer (checkbox name may vary, my Windows is not an English language one).

Next, type %APPDATA% (do not skip any of the two %s) into Windows Explorer address bar and press Enter. You should see a list of folders, SYSTM included. Video data is located in SYSTM\videos folder. There is one subfolder for each video there. You can’t play videos out of SYSTM app however. Moreover, it is safer to manage videos within application itself. Deleting folders may leave some indexing/status data behind in some other SYSTM folder.

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Thanks, yes windows 11, will check this out when I get home later… cheers

As a cybersecurity ‘expert’ never, ever run a program like SYSTM as administrator. As a matter of fact, never run ANY user level program as admin. Why? because if you get a rouge program, you are basically the owner of a brick.


Could you say that using a rouge program will make one blush? :thinking:

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I didn’t as when I got the laptop I was automatically set up as the administrator. I am the only person that uses it so whether I set myself up as a user or not if anything goes pear shaped then it’s down to me anyway. Sorry if my reply is too simple but I have limited knowledge of users/ permissions etc

Ok. The reason one never runs user applications as an Admin boils down to permissions. I highly recommend visiting YouTube on how to configure users on Windows. I’m pretty certain that the release versions of SYSTM won’t do harm to your system, but other programs might.

This is one reason I don’t like using Windows as an Operating System. However, I’ve been a Linux/Mac person since the 1990s. Keeps you from doing very dangerous things to your computer completely by accident (there are hundreds of stories about people deleting files that are critical to the operation of your computer).

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Library - cycling - filters - on this device. That’s where they are!

Thanks, found them. I just needed to unhide the hidden folders… cheers