Feature Request: Option to use sd card on android

The system app with 6 activities downloaded is taking nearly 6 Gbytes, presumably mostly from the activities. I have tons of space on the sd card, but not much on internal storage. But it seems impossible to use the sd card, without doing the whole format as internal storage thing, which I’d rather not.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to change this in settings. Am I wrong? This would definitely be a useful feature. For that matter letting the whole app run on the sd card would be even better.

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You can try moving SYSTM to SD card. Not sure if it moves data too.
Not sure if it works ony any Android version.

Anyway, navigate to apps info, select Memory, you should see an option to change location (internal / sd) just over memory stats.

If it is not there, you might enable it in programmer’s options in phone settings.

I hear you. similar issue so just had a closer look but there seems to be no memory option

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Have you checked Programmer’s Options in device settings?
There should be an option to enable “move to sd” for all aps there. That option is called ‘force allow apps on external memory’ or alike. Once on, it should be visible in apps memory settings.
Again, not sure if it was present on all Android versions.
Programmer options are hidden by default.
You need to go to About (called differently on different devices) option, then go into software details and tap multiple (7 or 10) times on one of the version fields (can’t recall which one now, build number maybe). You will get a message once it is enabled.


Awesome, this seems to work and I really appreciate the tip, which I will use.

I’m hesitant to mark it as a “solution” because 1) there is presumably a reason why the app manifest has an internal-only setting that this overrides, a reason that maybe should be addressed, and because of two corollaries to that 2) Other apps also presumably have reasons, and this makes it difficult to tell which apps aren’t meant to be on sd and 3) if there is no reason to prevent SYSTM from being on the sdcard, the correct solution is to change the manifest to allow it by default.

I did find, it seems, a solution to 2, by setting the option, moving the app, and then setting the option back. It seems to allow the app to remain on external storage (haven’t tried any new downloads). But this is kind of a mess for an official solution. I actually don’t use the android app often at all but wanted to have it available with some activities. I ran a downloaded activity for a minute with no devices connected, using external storage and I see no obvious problem. So point 3 might be (we’ll see) the relevant one. If so, why shouldn’t the app manifest just be adjusted? Maybe the relevant reasons not to are device specific?

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