Download & Start Workout Buttons Missing

When I log in online on my MacBook, click on todays workout in my training programme in calendar, when the workout summary screen comes up there is no “start workout” button or download button, how do I rectify this, I am paying for subscription but cannot start the workouts. When I use IOS in erg mode, which is what yesterday’s workout was supposed to be in, when I settle I to the target cadence the power is 10-15 watts above target and the buttons on the KICKR bike that before to the update I could use to reduce intensity do not work, in fact none the buttons on the bike work. Thought it may be the bike but when I log into Zwift or Rouvy everything is normal.

In the online website, although it looks the same as the app, cannot run workouts, to run workouts on your MacBook, you need to download the Mac specific application


Hi @dib65 as far as I know the buttons on the Kickr bike haven’t been included in the Wahoo SYSTM but will come in at a later date and as @PedalMonkey says are you logging into SYSTM via the website. You need to go onto scroll down to the bottom and download whichever MAC Download you need, one is for Intel the other is for Apple Silicon just choose the one you need probably Intel

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