Macbook, dumb rollers, garmin vector power meter

Hi, I ve had to resort to a question. Ive succesffuly used sufferfest on a macbook air, dumb rollers and with garmin vestor pedals (power meter)…can i use the same with the new wahoo systm?

I’ve conculded I cant as there isnt an app for the macbook? or am i wrong. what are my options or alternatives

I have an iphone and very reluctcly i could also use an android phone - I wont be getting a smart trainer

What processor does your MacBook use? What OS version?

The bottom of this page (for EU):

Suggests that there is a Mac app both for Intel and M1 silicon.

Check your minimum requirements here:

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I’ve used SYSTM on a quite old MacBook Air updated to the current version of the Mac operating system.

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Yep, there’s 2 MacOS options. Here are all the download choices for now:

Thanks, i was just looking on the app store from the mac and seeing no apps other than for the ipad/iphone

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App Store doesn’t have the MacOS version. You have to download from the SYSTM page to get it Shame on Apple for this…

Why you calling your rollers dumb??? as in —fell off again! Dumb rollers!!!

Did you damage any bookcases in the process? :grin:

dumb as in not smart - they dont connect to anything

thanks, i’m not much of a mac user hence i could see no app and was stuck - sorted now thanks