Downloaded SYSTM history .csv file doesn't contain activities from Wahoo App

The .csv file downloaded which contains a user’s activity history does not contain activities that are pushed to SYSTM.

I can sort of understand not including entries for Zwift activities, since they originate outside the company, but I fail to see any reason for not including activities recorded with the Wahoo app - they are pushed to SYSTM, there is a calendar entry where I can save comments that are visible later, so these rides/yoga sessions are stored somewhere in Wahoo Inc’s databases. It would be great if they showed up on the history file.

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The Company needs to tweak their two history thingies. They’ve got the History and History Beta. Currently, only History is being included in the SYSTM .csv file afaik. History Beta, which includes the additional items like those recorded on the Wahoo App, isn’t.

But History Beta isn’t fully baked yet either. You can’t search in it, nor can you sort by a variety of metrics like you can in History. My hope is, before they dump the old History in favour of History Beta, that they have Search and Sort in place.

Then, once it’s cooked, offering a downloadable .csv would be fully functional.


@CraigM, Glen is correct, we don’t support some of the basic history functionality yet in history beta. It would be super helpful to know what you intend to do with the .csv export so we can make sure we make this feature as useful as possible.


Most of my indoor cycling activities take place in the Wahoo eco-system, so I try to use the SYSTM calendar to keep track of Yoga, Strength/Mobility and Cycling activities. I don’t have a Wahoo cycle computer, so I use the android Wahoo App to dual-record activities in other apps like FulGaz or in the real-world. I also use the Wahoo App to keep track of Yoga sessions from Abi’s Yoga15 website. Currently I use the name, sport, comment field, date/time, recovered, and duration in R code that summarizes a few things that I am interested in. I will use weight, power and power profile and power device, since this is an easily-retrievable place for that info.