Downloading workouts instability?

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been encountering lots of problems trying to download SUF workouts onto my PC (windows 10 pro), which cause problems that result in switching off the router, restarting it and everything online seems fine…if I then open SYSTM and try and download it then freezes up everything, it starts downloading then goes into buffering then I lose my net access and so the loop continues? Anyone help I’m not too savvy with computers… Tia

2 suggestion for a case like this, first, completely uninstall the app, then download a new one and reinstall.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue then I’d strongly suggest, if you haven’t already, you contact the minions directly

If I uninstall/ reinstall I lose all my downloads presumably? Ouch…

Probably. Yeh. It’s just what I would do but you could contact support first and see if they have other suggestions.

Hello @Bazzerro I’ve downloaded, deleted, re-downloaded, etc over the past couple of weeks. The downloads typically work pretty quickly. Also, there should be nothing that would result in a network device impact. You may need to look at firewall settings or bandwidth constraints. And, if all looks good, contact the Minions! Good luck!! Also, if you put a favorite marking on your items it’ll allow you to go My List to get access to your “short list” of workouts and downloading from there makes it faster than searching through the entire 300+.

Ta for the replies, uninstalled/reinstalled and somehow lost none of the downloaded ones either? I’ve been bookmarking them as I download as I’ve been concentrating on FTP and MAP…easier to pick them out. As to the problems it may be the WiFi as I’ve since plugged in the ethernet and all is fine…