Stuttering Video, Missing IF and Lost Downloads!

I’m having an issue across all workouts where the video doesn’t run smoothly particularly when text appears on the workout. The sound and workout itself are both fine but the stuttering image is very frustrating.

Downloading the workout doesn’t seem to help and internet connection is fast (other services such as Netflix are fine)

Anyone got any ideas what’s going on??

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I’ve seen the same of late, but only with yoga vids, @KeepYourPowderTri. Might be a server issue or something, as it comes and goes and I’ve only been noticing it this week?

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I had same with yoga or strength trainings on my iOS device, but luckily pausing / restarting exercise few times does resolve the issue. In the past I had to force shut down of the SYSTM app before I got video working smooth.

I now appear to have lost all workouts which were downloaded to my device, the IF’s are all blank on the workout list to add to the already stuttering workouts.

Not really ideal on a premium service with a monthly charge, hmmmm

Can anyone at Wahoo help??

I know going via the forums is nice, but have you tried submitting an actual support request via the support channel?

From a service point of view, it’s a lot nicer and while it would be great to get a response here, you can’t rely on Wahoo employees trawling the forums for support requests.

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Ok thanks, you may well be right. I’ll try it and hopefully you are!

Conversely I often find forums to offer quite solutions from direct experience whereas helplines take you through a standard checklist unrelated to the issue … but fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: :laughing: