Downloads are extremely slow in Germany

Hi everyone!

Today I “tried to try” Sufferfest, but all the downloads are so slow I couldn’t even begin:

  • The Windows apps downloads at 2-7Kb/s (yes, kilobytes per second):
  • The Workbook downloads at the same speed.
  • The videos tab in the iPad app keeps showing me a running loader icon, the videos themselves never appear.

The rest of the Internet works just fine for me :smiley: (to be honest, I gave up on waiting and reinstalled Zwift). Is there a problem with Amazon CDN that makes downloads so slow in Germany?


I’m also having issues with loading workouts. I’m in the UK.

I’m in Germany, everything works fine. perhaps it’s your actual location? had a few problems with internet speed last year and got myself a new router. huge improvement! :blush:

Just to give another reference point: I‘m living near Cologne and this morning everything worked fine for me. I streamed a yoga session and the wolfpack insider video.

If the problem persists, please contact the minions:

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Thanks all for suggestions!

Indeed, something’s not right with my broadband internet :frowning: . I tried connecting my laptop and tablet to my phone’s LTE and it worked waaay better! All Sufferfest downloads were much faster on LTE than on cable. Weird.

I keep investigating, need to understand whether it’s my router messing up (though I believe that FritzBox 7490 shouldn’t cause any problem) or is it indeed a problem with Telekom broadband.

I use Telekom broadband and it’s fast as hell since I exchanged my old router.

What router are you using now, if I may ask? :slight_smile: