Downloading Videos on IOS. Slow?

Hi all

Anyone else finding that downloading the videos for use offline is incredibly slow?

I’m on an iPad (2 yrs old) and it can take well over an hour to download a single video on wifi. My broadband is pretty quick to be fair and done the usual turn everything off etc.

Just wondering whether it’s my set up or generally the case for people. By comparison I can download a 1GB tv show etc in a matter of minutes.

Thanks in advance.

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Seems Slower than I’m used for sure having just kicked one off to test it. In theory should he seconds on fibre here and I’m used to it being PDQ.

Butter taking a few minutes

That’s definitely frustrating. If this continues, can you please send an email to so we can look into this more for you?


Hi Dame Rebecca. Thanks. It’s been like that for a bit now. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. But still took ages today to download for suffering later.


Rich Rogers

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I have same issue on my iPad, I’ve tried 3 different locations & so i know it’s not just my connection. I have given up & now use the workouts without video, frustrating.

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Hi, I’m also dealing with the same problem (2019 iPad, bought new 1 month ago). And I’ve noticed that the problem isn’t equal to all videos, it varies in a crazy sense. For instance I’m way over 20 minutes downloading Cadence Builds, and in that time I’ve watched Full HD videos on YouTube without struggle.

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This download speed is terrible…I have the impression to download a video takes almost as long as the duration of the video…using an iphone. My internet is fine.
Hope there can be a fix soon

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If you are still having trouble with this, can you please email us ( That will be the best way for us to be able to really troubleshoot this problem and collect information to pass along to our development team. Thanks!

Hi Dame Rebecca.
It’s still slow but I just make sure I prep in advance. It’s probably around 10-15 mins to download now.

Definitely slower than it’s been in the past but I’m ok with it.

Not sure about some of the other folks who have posted cheers

Hi Dame Rebecca. Just tried and timed it. It took 9 minutes to download Cobbler. That seems ok to me. That a 1hr45min video so probably quite a lot of data.


Rich Rogers

Just found this old discussion, but it perfectly describes my problem. Just now I’m sitting here trying to download Blender which I wanted to ride an hour ago. I’ve been on it now for 45 minutes, literally, and I’m at 15%!!! Well, 16 now…

My internet is fine, I can stream videos without issues. I might add that I go through a hotspot established by my phone. But still, that usually works fine for streaming youtube etc.

What comes on top is that there are tons of data going through that hotspot. My phone indicates that in those 45 minutes I have downloaded about 1 GB! And that’s only 16%, which for Blender corresponds to roughly 16 min.

I’m puzzled. And a tad frustrated. Its almost 9 pm, and I was supposed to be on the bike at 8…

Hey. There’s something a bit weird with some wifi setups. I’ve bought a new iPad. Similar problems. Sometimes quick. Often slow. Usually more reliable if I download using my phone as a hot spot. I’ve learned to manage the situation as it’s one of those. Kinda like a Friday afternoon car… some weird things that no one can diagnose. So I look ahead and download as far in advance as I can. Cos well you know. Nothing must dull the suffering

Rich Rogers

The thing is, I usually do look ahead and download stuff a couple of days in advance. But when I tried with Blender, it never worked.
Downloading SUF videos is always oddly slow, but never THAT slow. Is there an issue with Blender perhaps? Has anybody else experienced that?
By the way, I’m sitting at 21% now. I’m ready to give up and ride it without video. It’s only 1:40ish after all…:tired_face:

Update: I could stream it, with almost no interruptions! So how’s that possible? I can stream a 1:45 video, but after downloading for 1:30 I’m stuck at 21% ???

I admit, video quality wasn’t great. So is it that? I streamed with some low resolution but the download is in HD?
If so, can we please get the option to download low quality? I know we live in the 21st century, but some of us sit in a German hillbilly village within eyeshot to the end of the world…

And the question remains: Why is Blender so exceptionally problematic? Yesterday I downloaded Half the Road, of similar length, in something like 15 minutes.

Oh and, in terms of suffering: First time I rode it. These pain shakes are delicious! The FTP efforts at the end? The icing on the cake! I haven’t suffered that well for a good while :joy:

Blender is a classic, the pain shakes somewhat legendary!!
Blender is also a little older so the footage is not as good quality as todays vids, so it may be the stream was at the best quality anyway.
So i find that it is often better / quicker / more reliable to download the videos using my 4G connection on my phone. This is better than my home WiFi which is super fast broadband and allows me to stream 4K HDR movies on Netflix etc without issue. So somewhere there is an issue with the Suf app, my iPad, and my wifi, that doesn’t seem to cause me issues on other devices. And I’ve tried when the kids are out (thus no other devices sucking up bandwidth, or when everyone is home and on line etc - can’t find a common cause.).
My new iPad (non work) seems to be more reliable at downloading even though it still can take ages. I’m not running quite the volume of security software my work iPad was… maybe that’s an issue?
Anyway I’ve found a way to live with it, but it can be a bit annoying