Terrible video quality on Mac OS since SYSTM update (Apple silicon)

Has anyone else had problems with video quality since the app update to SYSTM? I am running it on an M1 Macbook Air, and I never had any problems with the Sufferfest software. Yesterday during Recharger, for 20 minutes the video looked about the quality of a 2008 camera phone, until the last 10 minutes where it was around 3 frames per minute. I am sure sufferfest used to cut the video if the performance was bad, which is a lot less annoying than a random few images from a video.

I thought maybe this is a connection issue, so I attempted to download a video with SYSTM. This downloaded with no problems at 10 MB/s, compared to less than 100 KB/s during the workout.

Downloading the videos seems like a temporary fix, but how can I see which videos I have downloaded? I don’t want to end up with a hard drive full of systm videos. I’ll also try running the Intel version of the app—has anyone had any trouble with this?

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I’ve just launched it on mine (M1 Mackbook Air) for Defender and the video quality was fine and that wasn’t downloaded.

Maybe see if the Minions can help

Hi @simon1 I have faced a similar issue with my iMac (running Mac OS 11.6). The video was interrupted several times and the quality was the lowest possible. I changed the config to optimize the video card on and off and restarted the program also numerous times. The best solution was to download the video. I faced it with the workouts “open 15” and “Tapers” and eventually I had to download the videos in order to concentrate on the workouts and not on tech.

Right now when testing it seems ok, but it’s really frustrating during a workout. I get what you’re saying about concentration. I had a pretty stressful day yesterday and just wanted to unwind, this just ended up annoying me more.

@Coach.Andy.T Good to hear the Apple silicon version is working for someone, maybe I’ve just been unlucky. Will do some more testing.

I don’t think this is a Mac problem, happens on windows too from time to time. Probably lack of bandwidth on Wahoo’s part.

@warfarin I thought that at first, but when I went to download a video it downloaded at 10MB/s (100x faster than the speed it was streaming at).

Hi @simon1 i had the same problem playing Vise Grips on Tuesday at times it looked like a Channel 5 picture looks to maybe be a problem with WiFi connection but yet on my iPad I don’t seem to have the same problem as for downloads when the video has downloaded there should be a little tick beside Start Workout