Anyone else having issues downloading today video downloader stuck

Wondering if anyone else is having issues downloading or streaming videos today. It took about 20 minutes for attacker to download on the fastest internet money can buy lol.

I’m trying to download on Android the last 2 days and the wheel is just spinning, with no download progress

Failed downloading on 2 iPads today and yesterday.

UK user, Windows 10 Pro laptop.

Attempting to download Yoga - Back Straighteners. Lots of spinning circle next to “Cancel Download” but minimal WiFi traffic (sub 1Mbps, often nothing) when watching on Task Manager - video downloads normally max out my 80Mbps connection. Currently 6 minutes and counting.


Download still going after 20 minutes without success. Looking at the Systm processes via Process Explorer shows one of them is opening and closing HTTPS connections to Amazon AWS hosts though there’s no normal HTTPS handshaking. HTTP on the hosts is answered by a Heroku server.

{Edit 2}

27 minutes and still not finished. Downloading is borked.

I am on Windows 10 PC and tried cancelling the download and then redoing it a few times, no luck just spun. Then I closed and reopened SYSTM and tried a couple more times and finally it started to download and took about 20 minutes to finish. During the workout the video kept freezing although it’s downloaded… Weird but the targets and timer kept working. Now it’s trying to download tomorrow’s workout and just spinning.

I downloaded an On Location video earlier today without a problem (Windows 10, in the UK). However I did have a similar problem a week or so ago to what peopel are mentiuoning here - the downloading icon just kept spinning. I removed and reinstalled the app and everythign has been fine since. I’ve no idea why.

I’m currently running 7.13.1. Sorry, I’m not sure what I had before the reinstall (I want to say same version but I really don’t know).

Yep, last 2 days for me. Lots of spinning of the download circle but not much downloading.

I got “defender” to download yesterday, but then after that tried to download a yoga workout and it failed. Hopefully the downloads will start working again.

Amazon’s cloud servers were down and it affected multiple cloud based services. Will take a while for everything to be up and running as normal, which is normal. Most stuff should be back now though.

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Thanks! The Foot and Ankle Recovery Yoga session just downloaded for me without any issues.

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This is a recurring problem for me. Tried to sneak in a yoga video during lunch. Won’t play or download. Rebooted computer. Internet speed test > 300 Mbps. No AWS server outages reported today on the web. Anyone else have recurring problems with viewing videos or downloading?

Couldn’t start workout from iPhone and took longer than usual to start it on an iPad (>30 secs) today.

I just logged out from the win app. Now I cant log in back.

It worked about 5 hours ago.