Downloads keep failing

Hi, I love the app, but I really, really REALLY hate the fact that the downloads keep failing. Usually @ 98-99%.
I’m doing my workouts upstairs, where the Wi-Fi coverage is suboptimal.
Therefore I try to predownload the workouts I intend to do upfront.
Unfortunately, more often than not, the download fails. No warning, no nothing, just keeps stuck @ 98-99%. Since I can’t start a workout that’s currently downloading, I have to cancel the download. If I have some spare time available, I often try to re-download. Most of the times the result is the same.

Am I doing something wrong?

Another example. 0-95 in maybe 5 minutes, now 10 minutes without any progress?
Feedback is also virtually non-existant

@Freek_Smulders I’d suggest submitting a request to the Minions:

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Thanks for the tip.
Did that for now.
If I get a reply, I’ll let this topic know, so others can also find the possible solutions.

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