The unofficial Tour merch stand is now OPEN (*WARNING, HERE BE GRAPHS*)

There’s a long standing ToS tradition that dictates that YOU DO NOT POST GRAPHS unless they’re funny and/or you donate an extra $10 to DPF. This is a worthy tradition, nobody except you really cares about seeing your graphs - they look a lot like all the other graphs after all. But if you’re of the graph loving inclination and truly believe that yours are unique and need to be memorialized then what are you to do? In the interest of raising funds for the Davis Phinney Foundation I offer you a solution…


Yes, your very own piece of Tour memorabilia that will immortalize your graphs forever. I say “poster” but really it’s just a custom image generated on t’internet that you can save and do with as you wish. But, still, it’s YOURS!

I can’t see your data so I can’t show you your poster here. But I can show you a sample.

If this catches your eye and you’re thinking that your post-ToS reaction will be “yes, I truly Suffered, my graphs deserve immortality” then keep an eye on this thread, I’ll post info after close of play that will explain how you can create your own personalized Tour “poster”. All for free… apart from that graph fine extra donation to the DPF, of course :heavy_dollar_sign:

Oh and if you’d like a non-personal copy of the “poster” to inspire your Suffering then you can prepay your fine to my DPF fundraiser and I’ll send you one to tide you over (

UPDATE: The generator is now live. You’ll need .fit files for each stage but once you have them head here to build your custom poster. Instructions on the site.

[Unofficial but approved by GvA. No rip off pirate merch here. DPF for the win]


@james, while I know what these look like, awesome…, I think an example of a ride feed poster with the actual, not target numbers might be helpful to some in the race village.

Happy to post mine, or maybe you have one from last year…?

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Great idea Sir Erik! A slightly more personal example (with a few fake graphs cos I haven’t done some of them recently/ever…). Also shows that the Rainbow of Suffering colours are optional/configurable. If anybody wants to print this off and claim it as theirs then double DPF fine!


And I guess we can pre pay for the graph that will all know we want afterwards right?

Printable on A4 or Letter I believe. And if it doesn’t go above your living room tv I guess there’s room beside your trainer on the wall !!

Proof that the Sufferfest is indeed all inclusive!

This looks great. Time to clear the kids drawings out of the kitchen to make way for my personalised record of suffering!!!

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Just a heads up if you would like one of these “custom Tour posters”… you’ll need to supply a .fit file for each workout to the “generator” website. Easiest way to get those is to have the SUF app Email you after each activity (see here for info on how to set that up Sharing to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect and Email – Sufferfest Support)

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In less than 20 hours the first riders will cross this year’s finish line.

Time to start preparing your .fit files and scrape your wallet for one more donation towards your individual tour poster!


Yep, post coming out tomorrow with all the info. Warning, it may be graphic!

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Done! Looking forward to it. Probably going to wait to print out all the black until I can “use” the printer at work…


Definitely. There’s a “light mode” version but it’s not the same. You can always generate both, two for the “price” of one.

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Donation to be made shortly in advance of said poster creation …

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Riders are starting to cross the finish line so the unofficial Tour merch stand is now OPEN!

If you’d like a personalized memento of your week of glorious Suffering then head over here on the way out and pick up your custom poster.

Caveat: you will have to manually feed the generator .fit files for each of your stages and press some buttons but hopefully it’s not too involved. Mobile should work but I’d recommend using a desktop browser if you can. There are some instructions on the site but if you can’t make any sense of it then ask.

The “posters” are entirely free. There’s no logging or tracking or cookies or evil in the website so I won’t know if you’ve built one. An extra “graph fine” donation to the DPF would be highly appreciated though, entirely up to you how much and who you send it to.

Knights - I’ll share a code (not here!) that will get you access to a special badge for your poster.


I love this! And I would like a Knight’s Badge code, please!

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Thanks! See related post in the Knights’ corner of the forum for the code @SirLeslieinCanada

Poster now created and donation is in.
Now a PC background - yaaaay.

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Going for a topic bump by posting mine (graph fine has been paid, DPF for the win). I decided that I should tone down the colour for stage 7 as things got pretty dark there. I may still revisit the other stage colours to reflect how I felt each day. Make yours here


This is awesome! Will be plugging in the numbers and donating tomorrow… Providing I can make it downstairs to collect the laptop. Up stairs absolutely fine (so far) down? Not so much!

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Can I get my graphs printed on a Tea Towel? :grin:

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Ha, we’re all out of tea towels but you can get them made in to pain cave wallpaper or even a tattoo if you’re really keen :grin:

Poster generated and fine paid! Thanks Sir James–exciting to print and hang in my pain cave.

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