Dysfunction apply

Since one week I can’t save my work.
Before it works. So I could’t read the detail of performance
I havé IOS 15 7 2
Do you change programm?

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Hey @Legros, do you get any error messages or is the workout not showing the Finish Workout button?

Sometimes there’s a delay in syncing workouts to the wahoo cloud, sometimes something goes funky and the minions are able to recover the workout. In any case, it might be worth deleting the app and reinstalling.

It would also be worth contacting the minions directly for their help:
Assuming your issue is with workouts in SYSTM right?

Hey, no error message. The page close and return to calendar as i do nothing.
Before one week everything was ok. And use thé apply since one year

Envoyé de mon iPhone

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Then definitely do an uninstall of the app and a fresh reinstall. Also, contact the minions as I noted above. Good luck.

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Its works i done like you said


Thanks a lot