Element Bolt show end of track at mid course


My Element Bolt show the flag signaling before the end of the track and stops showing the track, from what I can see it’s happening with gpx tracks made with the sum of two or more gpx, my bold just stops reading the course at the end of the first gpx.

As an example, today I went for about 70km ride with a friend who used Garmin Track to join two gpx into just one gpx, as far as I could see the my Bolt show the end of track flag on the end on the first gpx and i never got the course back.

I tried to reload and retrace the the ride but could not get the track on the Bolt to the end of the track, i had something similar last weekend.

Is there any way to tell my bold to just keep reading the track to the end even if it detected some mid “break” ??

This is giving me some trust issues on the Bolt as i am beginning to go on GPS only rides very often.

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Friday i checked the GPX file with GPX 1.1 Schema from topografix, since the file pass the validation i decided to clean the GPX file and run with it again.
I removed all < time > tags from the file and clean the file header so that it only had the minimum tags for it too validate against GPX 1.1 Schema from topografix.

Saturday i loaded the new GPX file in my Elemente Bolt and was able complete the entire course without my Elemente Bolt giving me me the flag signaling the end off the course at the mid of the course.

As long as i can see the problem is either the file header tags or the time tag next to the points inside the trkpt tag.

I need to test the same file track with a combination of the original header without the time tag and new cleaned header with the original trkpt tag witch include the time tag, only after this two tests will i be able to find the real GPX problem and how it relates to Elemente Bolt behavior.

Today i just run a new GPX, today’s GPX had the original header and a clean < trkseg > TAG, i removed the < time > TAG present on all the < trkpt > TAG and i was able to run the entire course without problems.

My guess is that the problem is in the way the < trkpt > TAG is made and the way My Element Bolt is reacting to it, this tag will break the course …

  <trkpt lat="39.398374781012535" lon="-9.136345451697707">

… and this TAG will not break the course …

  <trkpt lat="39.398374781012535" lon="-9.136345451697707">

As far as i can see when ever two GPX are joined and i get the < trkpt > TAG’s with different dates My Element Bolt will say the course is ended when the dates change from 2024-06-13 to 2024-06-14 witch is weird since the second date is later that the first

Next GPX test will be the clean header with all the original < trkpt > without removing the < time > TAG.
I will also take two separate GPX one with the first GPX part from 2024-06-13 and second GPX part from 2024-06-14, if the course break i will load the second part just to confirm if the break is on the place where the dates difer.