Element Roam V2

Recently bought an element roam v2.
I have no Color’s even after using the highlight color fields. Also made sure to update but nothing changed.
Can anyone help.

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Can you take some screen shots?

Not all screens have colours.

For example, I’ve got today’s workout where it shows colour

but I’ve also got my ride page where colours are set in the Elemnt App but only show up when I am actually riding based on my settings.

Same exact problem

I’m saying it works as it should. The colour data fields will only show colour when in use.

Here’s mine with my HRM on showing the blue data field for my current heart rate.

Mine are all black highlighted fields

Can you take some screenshots of the ROAM as well as your settings in the ELEMNT App?

Will get some shots tomorrow

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So, like I said, that’s it working as it should. Can you put on your HRM and see if the BPM field shows colour. With nothing connected, no colours should be shown.

Same Color with the heart rate on.

Is it possible you’ve not selected the right “Page” to display from the ROAM2 from the ELEMNT CA where you set up Zone colours? Can you show a pic of your CA setup where you’ve selected Zone colours? It’s hard to troubleshoot without seeing the full picture, so to speak :slight_smile:

Here is a pic from my CA showing the Road Ride Page selected but the Gravel Page de-selected

Edit: also, do you have the latest version of the CA and the latest firmware for the ROAM2?

Definitely have all updated versions

I don’t see any ride “pages “ there. Are the colour settings under your workout page ?

So it looks set up right on the workout page. That’s good. Can you put on your HRM start a workout from the ROAM2 or from the ELEMNT CA? Then take a pic of the screen that shows the W3 Sec and BPM with numbers on it?