Elemnt Bolt battery life with power meter

Hello everyone,

I will be doing an attempt to ride the complete Tour of Flanders next week.
I am using an Elemnt Bolt, since a couple of weeks in combination with a 4iii power meter.
I notice battery life is still quite good, but the power meter certainly seems to have an effect on battery life.
What are the experiences here?
Do you think the Bolt can handle 10-12 hours of riding without empty battery, or do I better take a powerbank with me?
I’ll be switching the backlight off.

I have used a Bolt with 4iiii Power, Nav and radar for a couple 14 hour days and have always finished with more than 20% battery left. The only thing I charged mid way was the radar. My Hammerhead on the other hand with the same combo would get maybe 5 hours.