Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 Battery Life

Hello, what is the Battery Life of the Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2, taking into account:
I - just with the GPS on?
II - what if you walk with several sensors connected (cadence, heart rate monitor, Bluetooth phone, radar camera)?
Thank you very much

I’ve never tested your specific scenarios, but my ROAM v2 lasts ~12 hours or ride time connected to GPS, powermeter, HRM, phone, and Varia radar.

I’ve never had it die on a ride, but my longest rides are ~7 hours. After a ride that long, I have ~30-40% battery remaining. I always charge it if it’s below 40% when I get back from a ride.

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Hello, thank you my friend. From Wahoo’s experience, with just GPS and Cardiac Tape, the battery lasts 20 hours, until it runs out of battery?

According to Wahoo’s marketing material, the claimed battery life is “up to 17 hours”. I’d imagine that’s in ideal conditions with zero sensors connected. I’ve never let or needed my ROAM to go below 20% battery. I have no idea how much longer it would have run after that point.


Ok, tks my friend, have a nice day :+1: