Elemnt ROAM L/R balance with Assioma Duo AND Kickr bike connected via ANT+

Hello; I have a Roam (v1) on my Kick bike and I’ve attached some Assioma Duo i had lying around.

I’ve paired the bike, Duo’s, headwind and HRM with the ROAM via ANT+ (using BT for Zwift / SYSTM on the laptop).

I can’t reliably get L/R / efficiency measurements on the ROAM.
I assume that these are transmitted from the Duos, but I wonder if the ROAM is taking power from the Bike.

  1. Is there a way to ensure the ROAM takes power readings from the Duos rather than the bike?

  2. I seem to automatically get the location set to “Kickr” and can’t change this to Indoor (which I guess might facilitate different profiles). I’m not sure what this means though.

Maybe disconnecting the Kickr from the ROAM might be the only solution to ensuring the Duos devilver the L.R data?

Appreciate any thoughts!

If you want to make sure you only get power from the Assioma’s then I would delete the Kickr from the Roam.