Roam v2 Setup for Power

Hi Folks,
I have a new shiny Roam v2, which is great. I also have a the Wahoo Cadence, Speed and use a Tickr for heart rate.

My problem is that it is not registering power at all - it just says N/A on the screen for the Power value. I thought it may be a setting but I cannot find anything. All other things, including speed, display fine and donload to System perfect, just no power.

Can anyone point me in the right direction - I would have though that the 3 sensors I have would do the job but perhaps not.

Thanks all.

Hey @RussD and welcome to the forums. In order for your ROAM to display or record power you need something to measure it. Cadence, Speed and Heart Rate are not sufficient to do this.

If you are riding indoors, and you are using SYSTM, then you may be able to use “virtual power” depending on the trainer you are using.

If you are riding outdoors, you’ll need something else. There are a number of options starting from a few hundred dollars (CAD) to well over a thousand.
Virtual power is NOT an option on the ROAM.

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Hi Glen, thanks for the reply.

For indoors, I use a Wahoo Kickr anyway so this is just outdoors - shame it cannot calculate the power from the 3 sensor but OK, I’ll have to have a look around for a solution.

Thanks again.

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Fwiw, I’ve got a single sided 4iiii crank based meter that cost me $400. For my purposes it’s all I need.

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Ah great, thanks for the info, I’ll check that out.


If you have a SRAM AXS drivetrain, their spindle based power meters are great value.

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Stay away from the substitute crank for crank unless you have new(er) AXS. If the chain rings need replacement, you’ll have to buy a complete crank set.

I think it’s only Red that has that limitation, and I guess if you can afford Red in the first place then the extra outlay every 20,000km isn’t going to be a problem. Force D2 appears to offer both integrated spider and spindle based options.

Thanks guys. I have Shimano 105 so I’ll have a look for the best solution for that - and cost effective haha

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I’ve had 4iiii precision meters on 105 cranks on 2 different bikes and can’t recommend them highly enough in terms of value for dollar, consistency, accuracy and customer service. I’ve also had a 105 crank based meter from Stages that also served me well for a number of years (though Stages is either out of business or going out of business or in some otherwise significant financial trouble from what I’ve read on the interwebs).

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Excellent, thanks for that. It looks like 4iiii is defo the way to go :+1:

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@RussD , you could also look at getting power meter pedals. There are a few decent options out there (Wahoo, Garmin, Assioma to name a few).

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Even Speedplay have them. Great idea if you have multiple bicycles and you don’t want to buy a power meter for every one of them.

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Great, thanks Guys. Yes, I have been looking at those too. Lots of choice, I’ll have to carefully review the budget

Seconded @Glen.Coutts 4iiii and Stages have served me very well over the last 8 years :grinning:

Depending on where users are based there are still some Stages bargains to be had Stages Power L G3 - 105 7000 BLACK

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