Erg issues not sure if its trainer or app

So I got a new Suito T trainer about two months ago.
which is when I started using wahoo training program

there have been no issues so far with erg or manual mode
running on a Mac book pro 16 intel machine
everything is up to date as far as I can tell

I was sick the last two weeks and started back up last week which was low volume rest week any way but noticed even at the lower power changes it felt the same…
so this week when I started hard work out noticed it felt the same no matter 80 watts or 130 watts intervals … so been in manual mode to get the work out done … which even feels harder then it should … not sure if its the trainer screwed up or the app or combo both or what…

calibrated trainer a few times with the trainer app on phone does not seem to make difference this morning did delete the wahoo app off computer and reinstall have yet to try a ride figure I would do that in the morning for next work out …

oh even unplugged trainer for like 5 mins and left it unplugged for a bit to see if that made difference it did not … HELP

if I can’t figure it out next step going to go to local bike shop where I got the trainer

oh also tried disconnecting trainer and reconnecting it from app that did not work… also switching from erg to not erg and back also did not work

Hey Kirk,
I encourage you to reach out to our support team. They are great and I’m sure can guide you in your next steps.

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