ERG mode not working

I have a KICKR SNAP (operates by engaging bike wheel to KICKR cylinder), and have started using SYSTM. Do I need another app to get the ERG mode to reflect the grades on the SYSTM workouts?

You turn on ERG mode in SYSTM in the workout settings. In the workout screen, select the gear at the upper right, then the DEVICES tab, then locate your trainer in the list and select ERG mode.

There are also keyboard shortcuts. During a workout, the number keys select the LEVEL, and the ’ key turns ERG mode on.

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When I do this, the training resistance does not increase as slope increases. Also, when the target training wattage changes, my output seems to arbitrarily adjust regardless of effort. Speed does not seem accurate, either.
Is there, perhaps, a way to remotely monitor this condition? Or someone I might consult in the Syracuse area? If it is operator error I would like to correct it

I’m not sure what you mean. In ERG mode, power is controlled to be constant, so if you increase cadence, resistance will go down. If you decrease cadence, resistance will increase. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to increase power or decrease power in ERG mode.

In LEVEL mode (number keys), resistance is controlled (not power) and will increase with higher cadence and decrease with lower cadence. Is something different happening?

Either must be done while a workout is in progress, because that is what causes the app to send commands to the trainer.

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Maybe I’m not understanding you correctly, but if you are talking about the grade % you sometimes see in the (I think) right hand top corner during workouts. They have no effect on ERG mode, these are only for devices which can change the tilt of your bike. On SYSTM ERG mode only changes according to the target power required by the workout. Eg if target power is 150 watt and you pedal at 90 RPM and target changes to 200 watt and you keep pedalling at 90 rpm, there should be more resistance, so it should feel harder. The slope or gradient in the top corner, or from the video during the workout don’t have any effect on ERG.

Thanks, that explanation of ERG function helps. I’m using a phone not iPad so I’ll have to investigate how to add power in erg mode.
Nonetheless I have a feeling in ERG mode that my input power and speed do not accurately reflect my effort. In response to a ticket, Wahoo suggested I turn off the Tilt function on my SNAP trainer, which is meant to work with the CLIMB accessory but may affect results if CLIMB is not used (as in my case).

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Ok thanks, didn’t know that about the relationship between grade and external tilt devices. When I used ZWIFT the SNAP resistance changed as the route slope changed so I guess I expected the same in SYSTM. FYI Wahoo suggested I turn off the tilt function if not using a CLIMB.

Yep. SYSTM is a training platform and not a ride simulator like Zwift and other apps. It has workouts which have specified power and cadence intervals. The videos are provided for entertainment and what goes on in them is only loosely related to the workout. Workouts can be done in ERG mode where the trainer maintains the power specified in the workout interval and you control your cadence. Workouts can also be done in Level mode, where you need to control power by selecting the Level, bike gear, and cadence to maintain the power and cadence specified in the workout.


Thanks, Saddlesauer