Erg mode or Level mode on Cobbler (ie Sustained Efforts)

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For courses like Cobbler or HHNF, is it common to do these on Erg mode, or is level mode better to get accustomed to pacing?



I will almost always use ERG mode except for extremely short efforts and the fitness tests. And, by extremely short, I mean flat out sprints (eg Violator, a couple of the efforts in the Shovel/Tool Shed). Interestingly, it is recommended not to use ERG for the KOM efforts in the A Week With Phil Gaimon workouts. They say it is so you can work on pacing for real world KOM efforts.

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Edit: in looking at how you phrased your question, the better answer is, it depends on your goals :slight_smile:


Thanks, at the moment my goal is to do it as ,say, 90% of others do it. I’m still a beginner when it comes to the smart trainer gaff.
Once I get more familiar and comfortable, I’ll change things up as needed.
Thanks for the reply, Erg is what I’ve been doing so far, but I understand what you mean for the short efforts (GCN Max efforts, I’ve started doing in level mode).

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If you’re really new to smart trainers and you’re also new to SYSTM you’ll do best to get an accurate sense of what your current fitness is sooner than later. There are two fitness tests in SYSTM one is not for the faint of heart (Full Frontal) but it will give you the most accurate and personal results. The other (Half Monty) is much more approachable if you’re fairly new to indoor training and testing.

There is a plan in the app you can apply where you do both, and a bunch of stuff you can read about how to get the most out of it. You can read about them and SYSTM’s approach to testing here:

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Thanks, yes, I’ve done the Half Monty twice, and spending a bit of time trolling the resources.