Half is Easy - closest to intended workout?

Hey all,
I’ve now done HiE four times, three in level & once in erg mode.

In erg mode it’s a fun workout, but not crazy challenging (wheel-on Kickr). In level mode, I wind up skipping sets & still feel like I’m dying :slightly_smiling_face: My TSS & NP are both higher in level mode, though my rests are longer.

If I’m doing this as part of a NM/AC block, any thoughts on which mode puts me closer to the intended workout goal?


@barry It will depend on the trainer (wheel on Kickr may have a lag) but generally level mode is best. For this workout you can turn off auto pause, do the sprints and then just freewheel through the “rest” sections. This one is supposed to hurt so you are doing it right but just try to hit each effort despite the agony.

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@barry Hello! As @JSampson said, really levels mode is the best approach as erg mode will lag due to the repeated short high power targets. Keep a close eye on the power targets on the screen along with your cadence and match with your own power output and cadence. Wait for the prompts before shifting! Because you have had success on erg mode in the past, you could increase power targets by 5% and execute. Happy Training!

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Thanks all, sounds good. I appreciate the responses.

The issue obviously is that going all-out on the sprints means that I’m exceeding the power targets in level mode, whereas in erg I’m capped by them.

It does feel like I’m doing proper work this way, my only fear was that possibly the longer rests when I skip a set decrease the benefits of repeated efforts, but by skipping one set, the longest rest is only 00:45. That’s not super-long.


@barry Find a gear and cadence that matches up with the required power and then stick to that or increase power in ERG mode 5% as @Coach.Simon.B suggests. This workout isn’t the same as Violator where you do really want to go all out for the initial sprints.

A gear calculator may help you find the right combination:

Bike Calc Gear and Cadence Calculator

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Yeah okay, sounds good. I was going for the “smash myself” technique, not the “hit your targets” technique :sunglasses:

And thanks for the link. I’m okay, but not great, at finding good gearing combinations, but then I decide to change the Level setting, just for something different, and then I’m all wrong again.

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