Erg vs level mode for single-leg drills

After doing the no-vid Cadence Builds/Holds/Single Leg Drills today, I am wondering if this is better done in erg or level mode.

The build/hold segments were not a problem, but I found that the power and cadence targets in the single-leg segments were confusing. In erg mode, the trainer (Wahoo Kickr) would keep me at the target power, but as the cadence got much above 50% of the target the resistance was so low that there was almost nothing to push against on the pedal downstroke and the overall stroke was uneven. If I switched to level mode I could get the cadence higher and smoother through choice of gear, but then the power was significantly above the target.

So the question boils down to what is the best approach to the single-leg drills, power or cadence and erg vs level mode.

I haven’t tried single-leg drills in level mode, but it took me a fair bit of practice in ERG mode! I had the same issue at first, but I discovered that I could smooth out my pedalling by not being too aggressive on the downstroke. More even pressure all the way around helped a lot. I still find them hard though!

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@Salsa Great to hear you are working on the fundamentals. With practice you will be able to complete in ERG mode. I recommend that you begin with Elements of Style focusing on the cues in the video before moving onto G.O.A.T and then Powerstation where you’ll be riding portions of both workouts at lower cadences which will magnify dead spots within your pedals stroke giving you greater opportunity to eliminate. Once you’ve followed these workouts in sequence I would suggest going back to Cadence Builds and Holds.

Keep up the great work as it’s only going to make you more efficient!

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Thanks for the encouragement, Coach Simon. If I understand correctly, the sensation of pushing against no resistance is then more a lack of control?

As we’re heading into the outdoor season there will be less opportunity to put these ideas into practice, but I’ll certainly keep them in mind when we head back indoors again.