Cadence Builds

Doing cadence builds/drills today found that there was about a 30-40 second lag time for the trainer to “catchup” and start providing resistance again after hitting 130+ rpm. Is this normal? Should I turn off ERG for high cadence work? Using a Cycleops/Saris Hammer purchased 2018. Any ideas? Thanks

Was this happening after the high-cadence sections when you were dropping down to a lower cadence? In erg mode, large drops in cadence leave the trainer’s flywheel spinning at a higher speed than your pedaling demands, so it registers 0 watts. This makes it go into a “backoff” mode where it applies very little resistance, intended to let you get started from a stop even if the target is high, but the effect in a case like this is that you have to wait a while for the flywheel to slow down on its own.

The best way I’ve found to help with this in erg mode is to use a lower gear so the flywheel doesn’t get spinning as fast. Also, instead of dropping right down to the lower cadence, if possible, slow your pedaling down gradually so you’re just barely engaging the trainer. That way it doesn’t register 0W, and will keep the resistance on instead of backing right off, resulting in the flywheel slowing down faster.

I can’t speak to whether doing the builds in level mode would be a good idea or not as I’ve never tried it.

huliyska that is a great suggestion to use a lower/easier gear for the high cadence drills. I will try it next time and see if it helps. Thanks very much for the input!

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I would also stay in ERG mode otherwise you will generate far too much power in level mode at very high cadence, even in a low gear. Remember it’s the leg speed you are aiming to build with these workouts, not power.


I agree with @Peteski. Stay in Erg mode for the builds, even if there is a bit of lag from your flywheel spinning.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Will give it a go on the next cadence work out.

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+1 for the lower gear

Also try backing off a couple of seconds before the end. The trainer’s resistance will increase to compensate and then take a few seconds to reduce

so is it, in erg mode stay in the same gear as the block leading in the high cadence and then peddle like a bat out of hell?

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That’s what I do anyway. In ERG mode, and on the small ring the trainer catches up quite quickly (Elite Suito).

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I tend to do these on the track bike on rollers. Maybe I’m missing the point :thinking:

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Yep! You should pedal like a National Champion Hamster though. A bat out of hell implies that you can leave… which you can’t…


Job done after strength this morning, handy enough session which I guess is the point👍🏻

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