eTap Battery Tabs Keep Breaking

Had my eTap for nearly 5 years now, but in the last 2 years I’ve now had about 5 batteries have the little tab at the bottom crack.

I’ve read posts on the web that others have had this issue, but not really seen anything to say what might be causing it. There was one guy who mentioned not getting too much degreaser on them (can dry out the plastic) and to avoid using the battery as a lever when removing the rear wheel. But I’m very careful with both those things.

The thing that’s worrying me is how often it’s happening now. Just wondered if anyone else has had the issue and worked out the root cause?! I know there are a few hacks out there to fix the broken tabs, but really I want to stop it happening in the first place :-/

I haven’t had this problem, but it may help to put a tiny bit of silicone grease on the gasket of your mechs. Not only does it help ensure a weathertight seal, but it reduces the force needed to clip the batteries on. Also, keep in mind that a battery is good for 40-60 hours, so don’t recharge until you’re at about 25% (or even less).

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Yeah I only ever recharge when it prompts me to and the last year I’ve not even done much riding which is what makes it even more annoying.


I’m bringing this up only because I have an SRAM AXS system. The people who sold me the bike last year said to make doubly sure the battery is fully seated BEFORE clicking it in place. You should see a green light blink on insert. If not, remove the battery and recheck. One thing I found is that dirt, manly small pebbles will work their way into the hook part on the FD/RD and jam up the works. A toothpick will remove them.