Replace eTap shifter spring

I knew I should have stuck to the turbo!! Bike slid from under me going round a pretty inocuous corner and the impact dislodged the spring in my left etap shifter paddle.

Don’t suppose anyone has ever had to replace/put the spring back in and got any tips?! If not I’ll be taking it to the LBS. Luckily functionally it’s absolutely fine, just no spring back/feedback as it is.

Left hip took the brunt of my 95kg, so that is a little sore now!!

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Oh no! Glad that the injuries were minor.

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Yeah it was a rather inocuous incident luckily, wheels just slipped and I wasn’t going fast. So just the bang on the tarmac as much as anything.

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Good old LBS re-futted the parts in under ten minutes for a donation to their charity box :slight_smile:

So just the battle scar on the shifter!