Excited to suffer once more

As seasons go this one has been, well rubbish. At the back end of April I was feeling the best I have in years, thanks to a great winter of suffering, only for a back injury that turned out to be a prolapsed disk to stop me in my tracks. Surgery and a prolonged, enforced visit to couchladria (luckily coinciding with the giro, the tour and the Olympics at least) later and I am finally getting back on the bike and all being well can return to proper training next month. I cannot wait, I can’t wait to attack a workout and feel the high that comes from going so deep. I am excited for the pain that leads to those moments where you just feel epic, like you could drill it all day. When I say this to non sufferlandrians I get odd looks and shouts of ‘weirdo,’ so after some time away I have come back to Sufferlandria as I know I will be in good company here. Next season is going to be my best yet!


As one who suffered in Injurylandria, make your return to Sufferlandria slow and deliberate. Ride some of the Inspiration videos, do some LIGHT strength training, and visit the Yoga parlour. Work towards doing Full Frontal when your back and body says “We Are Ready to KICK ASS” and not sooner. Yes, you might be disappointed with the effort, but you’ve been ill and you have the ability to rebuild, even stronger. Now, enjoy the flagons of Real Pange and don’t do those lactic acid shooters!

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Thanks. Yep it will definitely be a phased returned, already been able to start with some short sessions and kept it all steady, and have been told I can start to build it up in two weeks time.


Wish you a joyful return, and happy suffering!

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