Success in Suffering

5 weeks ago I did my FF and started my 12 week all purpose road program
In those 5 weeks I’ve got loads of inspiration from this forum and its members, its support, its advice and stories. That inspiration kept me in the saddle and out of couchlandria.
Being unseasonably warm here in New England I decided to forgo my training and took to the streets to see the what’s what of my suffering.
I set out on one of my normal routes that I use to monitor my abilities. I was soon to realize my ability to recover quicker when I pushed harder. I also picked up a solid jumped from 16.7 to 17.7 avg mph over my 22 mile ride as well as several PR’s…with that I say
Sufferlandria forever!!


Awesome job! Sounds like your plan will be offering up a Half Monty soon to keep your numbers tracking and let you forget about Couchlandria for good :nerd_face: