Experiences Using SYSTM for Unbound 200

I’m just curious of peoples experiences using systm training plans for something like Unbound 200. I’m not doing unbound this year but just wonder how people like using the systm plans for longer gravel events.

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Hey @Darrell_Austin, welcome to the forums!

Pretty sure Ian Boswell used one of these plans. The plan itself was even available in the app for a while. Essentially the GG200 (with some even longer weekend rides). I have used it, not for Unbound, but for some loooooong events with lots of climbing and it and it def helped.

@DameLisa is a big fan of the GG plans too.

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Hi @Darrell_Austin
Ian’s 200GG Plan is no longer on the training plans list. The one that is on there is quite different. I managed to go back through my calendar and wrote down Ian’s GG plan but it may have been tweaked for my strengths/weaknesses at the time which were likely a Vo2 or Sustain weakness with me down as either a sprinter or an attacker.
Some of the weekends included back to back long sessions, like a 5 hour enduramce the one day and a 4 to 5 hours of intervals the other day (less time on intervals but lots of extra volume).

I find the new 200GG plan is a lot less intense. I got ill towarss the end of Ian’s plan both times I did it. There’s a lesson there I suspect in just how intense it was.

I have found the current 200GG plan excellent anyway. It might be worth a call to a coach to see if it is the right plan for you. Happy to share what I got down of Ian’s plan as well, but just be aware it may not be right for you.

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Thanks. I’m sort of jumping the gun as I’m not doing something as long as unbound until next year. So I’m just thinking through options. For my longer events like full distance triathlons and unbound 200 I’ve always had a coach. I’ve done self-coach for 70.3 triathlon and up to 100 mile gravel races.

Having a coach for stuff anything over 5,6,7+ hours provides some reassurance so I’m just sort of tossing some thought around in my head about what I’ll do eventually without a coach. And I like that systm has the 200GG plan