Training plan for Majorca 321

I am planning to do the Majorca 321 this May. Which is the best sufferfest training plan? I have started the Gravel 200.


My guess is that would be the best plan currently offered by SYSTM. If you have a specific goal, or have specific questions that the plan isn’t addressing you might want to consider a call with a coach.

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@Rob_McGrath welcome to the Forums!
I think you are right on the money with the Gravel 200.

I would also strongly encourage incorporating the Wahoo SYSTM Strength plan. If you are a beginner start with Level 1. The sessions may seem ‘Easy’ and they are not overly taxing, however they are highly effective in muscle recruitment, improving you stabilizer muscles and balance, and strengthening your posterior chain.

Lastly, I would strongly encourage including our Mental Training Plan. Wahoo has taken the time to work with some fantastic Sports Psychologists and Sports Scientists to develop an excellent mental training plan.

Good luck and happy training!


Don’t forget to get some mat time in with Abi’s excellent Yoga sequences. You need to build flexibility and she works those stablizers like you won’t believe (Warrior 3, Tipping Bird, and lastly Airplane will test them and I have issues with all three).

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Good call! The Yoga plan is an excellent resource for flexibility and range of motion, as well as strengthening your posture, core, and increasing your balance through strengthening your stabilizer muscles.

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