Export calender

Hi, this has been up before but it would really be a benefit to be able to export a training plan as an iCal so that I can import it wherever I like. Now I have to look at two calenders to plan my day, thats not ideal.

For me, no sync is necessary, so if I update my calendar in Sufferfest I’ll either have to do that manually in other places or export->import again.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

P.s by the way, do you have any open Api’s? D.s

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Great idea and yes it has been mentioned before. Lets hope this feature gets some more traction by the minions. It would save so much time and make scheduling our days and weeks with all of our events on one calendar. Great post.

Absolutely! So much time and new SYSTM but feature isn’t developed. Can’t understand why :disappointed:

Is this still not possible?

Let’s bump the thread up, although I am looking to add it to Google Calendar - but programming-wise it shouldn’t be a huge difference, I hope :slight_smile: