Extended cooldown sessions after SYSTM workout

I don’t think it’s currently possible to add workouts to a playlist queue, so that the next one autoplays after the current one finishes, but I’m curious what others typically prefer to do for extending cooldowns beyond the few minutes included at the end of a SYSTM workout.

I’ve typically just been rewinding the end of the workout as many times as I need (or to an earlier rest interval in the workout if it has a particularly short cooldown), but I guess a better option might be scheduling a cooldown or inspiration workout on the SYSTM calendar and then clicking back and into that once the main workout has ended.

Does anyone else have good options they’ve found for quickly/easily recording a cooldown in SYSTM after the main workout ends?


Save the video I just finished and start open 15 right after it and go as much or as little as I want. Sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes the whole 15.


@Namaku Same as @Sir_Alan - I just start one of the cooldown workouts or maybe do a cooldown ride in RGT. One possible issue with rewinding is that if you are comparing workouts it can mess up the numbers .


I have Open 30 and Recovery Spin hearted in My List, or often I also schedule them to my calendar in advance. And I ride them so often that I can usually just open it directly from a previous entry on my calendar once my ride ends.

But there are other times where I will rewind the end of a workout to get extra time. I rarely do that with SUF videos because it ruins the ability to be able to compare them to previous workouts, but I will rewind no-vids and inspiration workouts.


I’ve been opening up RGT and picking Recovery spin from the library. This nice part is having some a little more interactive to do post work out and you can go longer than the prescribed time.


What I like to do is go to RGT and do a short descent. I find the high cadence (but easy ride) really good for spinning the legs out. Then do a regular cooldown/recovery as mentioned above. Two of my favorites would be:

  1. Pozza San Glisente descent - 5.52 miles and will take a bit over 7 minutes.
  2. Faroe Roche - 12.29 miles and will take about 14 minutes, if you want something a bit longer.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions!

I think RGT might be my preferred option right now, as I’m still having problems with my heart rate monitor reconnecting to SYSTM after ending a workout and starting another (it seems to reconnect about 20-30% of the time if I do some permutation of disabling/re-enabling Bluetooth and closing and re-opening the app, but not very predictably). Interestingly this doesn’t seem to be a problem with ending and starting a new ride in RGT, only in SYSTM, although I guess that makes sense as they have different codebases.

Ideally it would be great to have the the functionality to automatically load up a cooldown right after a SYSTM workout finishes, but seems like this is a decent option for the time being.

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