Extreme bad video's

On my first training the videoquality is about 240p, the second video is some garbage shots from bicycle riders, random people filmed on the back and that one hour long, it’s called running with the wolfes. What’s wrong or is it really a suffering to watch videos on sufferfest

Hey @Bowie70,
I am sorry that your video quality wasn’t great for your first workout. If that’s an issue, please try downloading the video prior to riding.

Not each film in our library is for everyone. I encourage you to keep looking around. Are you following one of our training plans?


The quality is bad right from the start. some came with an initial 240p quality. And then editing it self, look at a track like running with the wolves. You have to look at random shots from people who have something to do with cycling. It is extremely painful to look at, no one can look at this crap for more then 5 minutes. Seriously I am not a angry person and hate to be so harsh, but this is crap, do a better Job!
For example there are lots of video’s on youtube from persons who filmed their ride, give them a few bugs and use their footage. So I don’t have to start Spotify, Youtube and Sufferfest at the same time

Which videos specifically? I’ve been using The Sufferfest for 5 years and have a completely different perception than you do.

Top quality workouts with officially licensed footage from UCI events including the Tour de France, Paris Roubaix, the Giro, etc.

Keep in mind that the rides under the Inspiration category are also officially licensed and provided at the quality of the original video. It’s not clear from your description which video you had trouble with or what your setup is, so it’s difficult to provide any helpful feedback without more specifics. What device, what screen resolution, etc.

Lastly, most of the members of this forum, like myself, are longtime users of the software and volunteer their time to help each other. We’d be happy to assist you as well, but can’t do so without any details.


Seconding @Sir_Brian_M note … we can help if that’s wanted. Just let us know.

In the point above … there are a lot of people using these for the entire workouts. So a lot longer than 5 minutes.
So this must be pretty bad to elicit this reaction. Perhaps some screenshots or something?

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I am following All-purpose Road training.
The first video is mostly 240p it is called cadence build
The second is running with the wolves, this is the crap video, which I shut down after ten minutes, no stimulating music no stimulating videowork, just people filmed on the back when they doing a bus trip, oh wait they are bicycle riders in a bus.
The third one is recovery spin, no video or music at all
The fourth one is a CGN training, which is actually the best video this week, but still not worth the money.

240p would be crap, what set up are you using? Streaming or Downloading? How’s your data connection.

I’ve just taken a screenshot of cadence builds - the resolution is much better than you’re reporting for me

I found “Running with Wolves” a bit dull too - it’s a documentary as the backdrop to a lower intensity endurance ride and not going to be to everyone’s taste.

Recovery Spin is a “NoVid” workout - so you can watch whatever else whilst pedalling - never intended to have any video or music…

Personally, I find the GCN videos irritating…

If downloading doesn’t help the video quality it is worth giving the support guys a nudge - theminions@thesufferfest.com

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@Bowie70 I think that you got a particularly bad introduction to what SufferFest can be. Cadence Builds is a drill session with no music or storyline, NoVids have no video at all, Running With the Wolves has a record of being hit-or-miss (see here: Running With the Wolves - I am Confused ) and GCN videos are basically spin classes.

It sounds like you’re in a low-intensity week of your plan; try sticking with it a bit longer, and next week should move away from that. Or, you could swap in some Sufferfest videos, with the black/white/red flag icon (though don’t do this regularly - you don’t want to miss out on the recovery built into the plan). You may well find workouts that are more engaging, and challenging for reasons other than enduring watching the video :slight_smile:

If you’re having bad quality playback, though, I echo the suggestion to try downloading the videos, and if that doesn’t help, contact the Minions.

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Thanks for mentioning my thread. I run this one (Wolfpack insider) as a Mini player and watch a Redbull film or something else.

My connection is 250mbit download, so that should not be a problem. Then again I can’t download the video, when you use a trainings plan, you don’t have an option to download the video.

Today I had a good video, good quality, with nice scenery, so I hope Sufferfest is so smart they gonna use a film director to make video footage.

If you download it the normal way through the library, when you launch from your plan it will use the downloaded version. If the intensity settings aren’t adjusted you can even just launch it from the main library, it still syncs to the calendar. The main benefit of launching a workout from the calendar is if it has tweaked % for your power numbers it will adjust them for you.

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I download the weeks workouts on a Sunday (although I have most of the locally now). It is really annoying you cant download from the plan or calendar, surely something that could be implemented quite easily and would save people a lot of time chopping between calendar and workouts tab.

Kudos for the posters in here keeping their calm, OP came out guns blazing!

@Bowie70 - the plan is probably setting you up for a full frontal test… suggest you read up on this in the coaches section. The easy rides are so you go in fresh… the pain will come… :+1: