Now that 3 months of free Zwift is up, what will you use now?

For those of us who got 3 months of Zwift free, our subscriptions have just run out. I’m curious what people will use to fill in the RGT/Zwift shaped hole in their indoor training? I’ve enjoyed using zwift for my zone 2 rides, but not enough to justify the subscription.

What platform will you use to replace your free Zwift subscription?
  • None (Only use SYSTM)
  • Zwift (start paying)
  • IndieVelo
  • MyWhoosh
  • Rouvy
  • FulGaz
  • Other
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I watch TV or movies when doing my indoor Z2


For Zone 2 I either watch an Open video and listen to music or control the Kickr from my Roam and listen to music or watch a video.

Personally I find indoor cycling so different to actually riding a bike that I get zero value from using RGT/Zwift/Mywhoosh et al in an attempt to make it seem like I’m riding outside!


I like using Rouvy, although I’m not the slightest bit interested in their gamification of indoor cycling with their version of points and career; I just like riding the routes.

I’ll also add that I didn’t use Zwift once.

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What do I like about Rouvy is the ability to refine gearing choices, understanding RPE, and the ability ride some places I will never get to see.

The Rouvy gamification is mildly interesting.


I’m only interested in workouts and plans with video content that makes riding the trainer less tedious. The Sufferfest etc. do that. I was on Zwift for a number of years but did not care for the cartoon graphics and gamification. Was also using Trainerroad, which has has no content. I tried RGT a few times but not enough to get a feel for it, which would have been a waste of time as it turned out. If it wasn’t for the vid content in Systm, I’d still be on TR.

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I‘m using Fulgaz and have created a Mywoosh account, which i like to try out.

Primarily I use SYSTM. Occasionally I will use Zwift or IndieVelo. My plan is it to ditch Zwift altogether and use SYSTM and sometimes IV. I hope enough group events and races will migrate to IV as it matures.


I alternate between Wahoo and Trainerroad for structured training. I have a year on Zwift and it’s been nice this winter with the group ride setting to “ride” with your friends viturally. Otherwise, I’ve run Zwift concurrently with Wahoo and TR just to bump up the experience points.

Once the free Zwift subscription runs out, I don’t plan to renew it.


SYSTM controls my bike, but I like having Zwift on a second screen. I think the graphics are pretty.

Very interesting that Mywoosh is still at 0%. I had the impression that the user base is growing, but it might be a wrong perception.
I prefer to use my Ipad and haven’t looked into IndieVelo for that reason.

I wasn’t super keen on Zwift when the 3 month trial started out - I find the physics a bit unrealistic, I don’t love how everything is always a race and how people zoom by while having a lower W/kg, the graphics, and the gamification… But… since it was free, I kept using it, and I’ve come to kind of like the variety and the challenges it offers. I’m subscribing for this month to keep using it until outdoor season starts.

I had intended to also trial MyWhoosh, Rouvy, and FulGaz this winter, but I haven’t been able to squeeze them in. I have tried IV a bunch of times, and I can’t really say that I like it that much.

So from March on, I will use SYSTM when I’m not outside and then re-assess when summer is over.


I find MyWhoosh to be quite an exciting platform to be part of. I use it to compliment my SYSTM plans when I’ve got a no-vid or inspiration that I’ve seen before. I do also use Zwift for things like Tour De Zwift or Duathlon League. MyWhoosh has got a lot of active development going on and releases are being delivered often. Its vision for the future is excellent and of course it’s now it’s got the UCI events which gives it a higher profile. Whilst many will think it’s similar to Zwift but MyWhoosh wants to be a bit different, less gamified, the worlds are beautiful, there’s plenty of workouts and there is a growing race catalogue. If you like to just ride and not hear the words ‘ride on’ then it’s a great platform. There is chat and steering features for those who want to use it.

Of course the platform is still in its infancy and so not everything is there yet. The first Mac OS X build was released this week and Apple TV is coming out in a few weeks. PC, iOS and Android are already supported. It looks like running will come to the platform this year which excites me as a duathlete and there are lots more new features that they’ve teased. There is a high system requirement for the app and that has caused problems with users of lower powered devices. That will impact the amount of people who can use the platform. Personally I’m happy with the high system requirements because it will deliver a better looking and performing product going forward. If you have to make trade offs to allow lower spec devices to run an app then that can hold back innovation. I like to see apps push the boundaries but I appreciate that will have huge cost implications for many but maybe once the Apple TV version comes out the cost of entry is lower. The app is free to use so hopefully many can justify purchasing an Apple TV if needed. There is no plans to monetise the features that are on the app.

I’d recommend anyone to just give it a try. As it’s free there’s no harm in installing the app and having a free ride amongst some beautiful courses. As with any platform people will like or dislike it on differing scales but I’m glad I tried it. It’s filled a hole left by RGT.


I was going with mywhoosh but it’s a bit too much for my old hardware.

Indievelo is looking promising now, also with the ability to import workout files.

I like IndieVelo and it’s fairly open development. Plus it runs just fine on my HDMI stick PC in low graphics mode.

Mywoosh’s ownership causes a lot of people to pause or step away when they might otherwise be interested.

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I’m enjoying indieVelo. It works really well for running structured workouts from TrainingPeaks - it automatically pulls in the workout of the day. And I like that you can select a course to ride first, then start the workout and it handles all the navigation decisions.

Of course, SYSTM is still on high rotation for me.


I have completely loved my zwift experience. Between the regular rides and challenges (currently Tour de zwift) it has been fantastic. I really like that the other riders are real people instead of bots.


I still haven’t retried Zwift, my old computer doesn’t support it and watching on my phone is not an option for my less than youthful eyes. I still struggle with Zwift miles being calculated as nautical miles, my avg. speed and distance are unrealistic


I had the same problem last year when I tried Zwift last winter and ran it on my phone. There is a ton of information to fill the screen and a phone is not ideal unless it is cast to a larger TV or monitor. I upgraded to a separate iPad this year and it works much better to see the graphics and other information.

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Lucky me still has 9 months left! :blush::blush::blush:

I like Zwift and if SYSTM wasn’t there I’d use that.

Also used zwift for some virtual challenges as it records elevation gained - I know the physics aren’t perfect - but it plugs a gap.

May get round to trying some of the others at some point.